McCubbin Medal

The McCubbin Medal is an award judges make each year for The Best In Show at the Rotary Club of Box Hill Burwood Whitehorse Art Show.

It was very pleasing to have Frederick McCubbin's daughter, Kathleen Mangan, actually present the inaugural winner, Chris White, with his McCubbin medal and to have his late grandson, Charles McCubbin, make the presentation the following year.

The inaugural award was made in 1994 and since that time there have been 24 artists who have won the award, with Chris White (1994, 1997, 2007) and Lorraine Burns (2001, 2004, 2013), each having won the McCubbin on three occasions.

The McCubbin Medal Award, is named after Frederick McCubbin (1855–1917), one of the pre-eminent Australian Artists.

It was Frederick McCubbin, Tom Roberts, Louis Abrahams and Arthur Streeton who founded the Box Hill Artists’ Camp in 1885 in the vicinity of the area adjacent to the Box Hill Golf Club in Station Street Box Hill. Many of McCubbin’s paintings depicted the area, and one of his favourites – Lost – was painted in 1886. 

The Rotary Club of Box Hill Burwood is indebted to the McCubbin family for allowing us to strike a medal in the memory of Frederick McCubbin, and to present this medallion each year for the Best In Show – tying the roots of The Box Hill Burwood Rotary Art Show back to the start of Australian Impressionism.




1994 Chris White

1995 Kevin Taylor

1996 Peter Smales

1997 Chris White

1998 Ramon Horsfield

1999 Harris Smith

2000 Edward Berry

2001 Lorraine Burns

2002 Freda Surgenor

2003 Kevin Taylor

2004 Lorraine Burns

2005 Renata Bruynzeel

2006 Fiona Bilbrough

2007 Chris White

2008 Gregory Smith

2009 Wykeham Perry

2010 Ern Trembath

2011 Angelo Quabba

2012 David Brayshaw

2013 Lorraine Burns

2014 Doug Sealy

2015 Lee Machelak

2016 Lee Machelak

2017 William Stanfield

2018 Maxwell Wilks 

2019 John Orlando Birt

2022 Angelo Quabba

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