Prize Winners- Art Show 2017 (8 works)

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Artwork number: 211

Evening Glow 2

Height 85cm x Width 95cm

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Genre: Landscape

Live Show Location: K100

© Artist: Faye De Pasquale (2)
NRN# 000-1822-0212-01

Artwork number: 265

The Departure

Height 51cm x Width 41cm

Oil on Canvas Board

Genre: Portrait

Live Show Location: K18

© Artist: Karina Griffiths (3)
NRN# 000-2714-0217-01

Artwork number: 283

Pioneers Cottage

Height 60cm x Width 45cm

Oil on Canvas

Genre: Still Life

Live Show Location: K24

© Artist: Maree Holt (3)
NRN# 000-1378-0170-01

Artwork number: 347

Collectors Shelf

Height 73cm x Width 73cm

Oil on Canvas

Genre: Still Life

Live Show Location: K14

© Artist: Elena Kolotusha (3)
NRN# 000-1419-0216-01

Artwork number: 363

Besalu Walls, Spain

Height 56cm x Width 75cm

Watercolour on Paper

Genre: Other

Live Show Location: K27

© Artist: Lorraine Lewitzka (4)
NRN# 000-1554-0192-01

Artwork number: 412

Giant Poppies And Green Apples Ii

Height 50cm x Width 50cm


Live Show Location: K46

© Artist: Kirsty Mcintyre (3)
NRN# 000-1760-0290-01

Artwork number: 546

Ganges Conversation

Height 122cm x Width 122cm

Oil on Canvas

Genre: Humanity

Live Show Location: K92

© Artist: William Stanfield (2)
NRN# 000-1838-0141-01